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Internet Monitoring Software 11.02.01

Internet Monitoring Software 11.02.01: Use internet monitoring software and track every action that employees make internet monitoring software. With internet monitoring software like Employee Desktop Live Viewer you would actually be able to know exactly what`s going on in official working hours and perform task of employee monitoring effectively. The software provides its user with real-time monitoring scenario and so can be very effective in decreasing the possibility of security breaches. Perhaps, what’s more unique about this software is its ability to

WorkTime Internet Monitoring 5.20: WorkTime - Internet monitoring software. Monitor Internet related activities.
WorkTime Internet Monitoring 5.20

WorkTime - Internet monitoring software. Automatically monitor Internet related activities by the users: browsing web-sites, chatting, reading and writing emails. Monitor internet usage on company`s computers, on laptops, on your home computer or under Terminal Server, Citrix Server. Automatically generate scheduled reports, analyze Internet usage; find out the most used web resources, users, who spend too much time browsing, chatting and more.

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PC Tattletale Parental Control Software 7.9.9: New Parental control software monitors everything your child does online
PC Tattletale Parental Control Software 7.9.9

Internet monitoring software captures everything your child does online; what they see, where they go and even who they talk to! This easy to use Internet monitoring and Parental control software makes it easy to help protect your children when they go online, use instant messaging, chat rooms or anytime children are online. PC Tattletale Internet monitoring software automatically records: All Email - both in AND outbound mail, all Chat sessions,

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Employee Monitoring 3.1: Full service EIM utility. Save time and money by installing on only one machine.
Employee Monitoring 3.1

Employee Monitoring is the most powerful Internet monitoring utility for your money. Robust, powerful, stealthy, yet simple. If not, we will match our competitor`s price or knock 50% off of our price, guaranteed! Take The Challenge. Contact us, if you are up for the challenge in finding an Employee Internet Monitoring (EIM) tool that can compare and we will send you a 50% off coupon on your order. Please let us know what you find and good luck!

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Big Boss 2.83: A configurationless switchsniff for employee Internet monitoring and control
Big Boss 2.83

A switchsniff with absolutely zero configuration for small business owners doing employee Internet monitoring and control. Unlike spyware-based Internet monitoring products that need "bug implantation," Big-Boss is an eavesdropping program that uses a switch sniffer to capture and analyze communication traffic over a computer network.

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Internet Administrator for Microsoft ISA Server 2.6: 'Internet Administrator' - Total internet access control at the enterprise
Internet Administrator for Microsoft ISA Server 2.6

internet access and provides: - all-round internet monitoring; - incoming traffic, time and bandwidth control; - access control to web sites, by protocols, time, queries, words, etc.; - flexible and powerful content filtering; - URL category database with more than 3 000 000 web sites; - more than 10 reports visually showing internet usage statistics; The "Internet Administrator" software provides the all-round internet access control and monitoring

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SurfCop for Microsoft Forefront TMG/ISA Server 2.0: Internet Usage Monitoring and controlling.
SurfCop for Microsoft Forefront TMG/ISA Server 2.0

Internet gateway(Firewall). The product implements the concept of integrated approach to monitoring and limiting corporate Internet traffic, and also to controlling the efficiency of the company`s employees. The main features of the program include: real-time acitvity monitoring, traffic quotas monitoring, internet traffic limiting, monitoring and limiting user`s surfing time, comprehensive reports on Internet usage, monitoring and controlling user

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